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Safety is our First Priority 
The safest mode of ground transportation is a school bus. The heavy duty construction and the frequent inspection of the vehicle ensure us that the school bus will give our children the safest ride to and from school. New York State has the safest School Bus drivers in the world and this is credited to the mandatory training - testing and driving reviews our drivers receive throughout each year. As a parent or guardian, you play an important role in your child's safety as they travel to school. Below is a list of ways in which you can help ensure your child's safety.

~Parental Notes~

  1. Back packs: It's important that your child have a book bag or a back pack to contain loose items that they could drop around or even under the bus.
  2. Strings - hanging items: Inspect your child's clothing for draw strings and items attached to their back packs that they could catch in the doors or railings of the school bus.
  3. Color of slickers - or any rain gear: Keep in mind that the color of rain gear worn on a dark day is very important. The yellow color of most rain gear can easily blend in with the school bus. Your child could go unseen not only by the school bus driver but by other motorist as well.
  4. Medication: If medication is sent to school, you should personally hand it to the driver, the driver will then personally hand over the medication to the school nurse.
  5. At the bus stop: If parents bring younger siblings to the bus stop, please ensure that they are kept under control. Arrive at the stop five to ten minutes early. Stay back from the road at least 15 feet. Wait until the school bus doors are open before walking toward the bus. If your child must cross the street, wait for the drivers hand signal before doing so. The first few days of school, the bus driver will be working with your child to ensure they know the proper crossing procedures. Parents can help by explaining the procedures as you walk with them across the street. It's important the children learn the proper crossing procedures so they can cross without the parents.
  6. Seat belts: Parents are asked to encourage their children to wear a seat belt.  Currently there is no law or policy in New York State requiring that they must be worn. They equip school buses with a cushioned high back seat known as compartmentalization and has been proven very effective in passenger safety.
  7. Behavior: The Safety of not only your child but the entire bus could depend on your child's behavior. A mischievous passenger can distract the driver's attention from the busy highway or a crossing child. Driving a school bus can be a very challenging job. A school bus driver's attention is focused on the outside of the bus.  This is where the serious dangers are and anytime a driver's attention is distracted, this creates a hazard. We ask for your support and understanding concerning your child's behavior.


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